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Writing characters I love

April 28, 2021

One of my favourite characters to write in The Madness of Sara Mansfield is Sara’s life-partner, Nneka Adesina. I am in love with Nneka’s brilliance – she has worked her way to the pinnacle of success as a biotech scientist in the sovereign state of Mont Blanc – the world is at her feet, and she knows it. 

And yet, beneath the surface of her immensely successful and meticulously shaped Amortal life, difficult questions begin to surface about the true nature of Self. This lifting of the veil, the unmasking of her poetic imagination, is a terrifying process for Nneka because it means relinquishing a certain amount of control, and that isn’t something she knows how to do. 

The Madness of Sara Mansfield will be available to download as an ebook from my website shop, Sophie from Saturday 1st May 2021. 

Text reads:

What is the value of any thought, any sublime concept, once it has been mangled through the language machine? Why must we work in such a base fashion? All of the words have already been used, chewed up and spewed out by despots, kings, murders, lawyers, tricksters and fools. Even that a scintilla of beauty might have found its way into the minds and mouths of genius is no consolation. 

How is my unique thought to be expressed by this… this recycled garbage?

And if I dismantle it all? What remains? 

  • Nneka Adesina 

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