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The Fourth Wave

October 14, 2019

Sophie McKeand

as one voice in an ocean, she holds no power
you shape her, fold wave / within wave. 
when contained by hydro-dams, or stifled in water butts 
her energy is stagnated potential  
sluiced through the gutter press & out
into a wild night                her mouth is wicked

you source her surface for erotic inspiration
hold her accountable for awkward erections 
pressure memories underground 
until the earth                               frAct/ures 

             once she was a goddess 
formless / in form, your ancestors worshipped her 
& unfettered. a water witch precipitate

in these times she transcends boundaries
agency flows from confident hands             did 

you forget that a wave is only infinite?
the anonymous deity gnawing at toes

The new hand-stitched poetry pamphlet is coming together and should be ready soon. In the meantime here’s a new poem exclusive for Patreon supporters.

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