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I take responsibility for who I am

June 11, 2019

Revisiting some earlier sections of OUTSIDER this week before the new Patreon chapter drops on Thursday morning. Back in March 2018 I wrote: I am mother, partner, daughter, step-mother, granddaughter & grandmother, (these last two seem impossible but the five of us span almost a century) and it has taken a long time to see past the guilt of needing more than this, of being more than this. I realise now that I am not solely these things, they are…

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Where the power lies

June 6, 2019

I am learning to listen to my body. It is a dialogue that should have begun years ago. It is a way of communicating I should have been shown from birth. But women are not taught these things by our patriarchal medical system. My body has been conversing with me all this time & I have ignored her, or I didn’t know how to listen, didn’t understand her language. In the past, I drowned her voice out with alcohol &…

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March 28, 2019

Integrity: the supermoon tugs at your womb / self-loathing needles out through the pores of gossamer skin to blossom then / wither in silvered light // in dreams you are visited by foxes that coax the yowling night cats of self-doubt from the holes in your threadbare heart / they exit your soul with joyful abandon but still / you are bereft & hollow without that exquisite gnawing at your belly / without their fussing & clawing behind deadened eyes…

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March 17, 2019

revolution: you were born into a world of knives / this time heals no wounds / your skin is split silk folded into darkness / hair is ocean waves orating from midnight to noon / noon to midnight // where skin ribbons / flowers unfold in painful brilliance / it was always this way: the altar of the new crushes the bones of the old // you are torn & hollow, echoing with the cycles of the moon / flowers…

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the gathering – celebrating International Women’s Day

March 8, 2019

New collaborative piece with the incredible @wolfmumma to celebrate International Women’s Day ✊🏻💗🌿. The Gathering: you are weary / stripped of bark / you have been shedding leaves / resolve is blossom snatched by the wind / sometimes it is too much / to know you have been hacked & pruned / fashioned into furniture / oiled & shaped for utility (or fantasy) // your heart is not inanimate / she is the tree whose roots run rich with connection…

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When faced with competition

March 6, 2019

I have been working towards a slow life for some time now but untangling the Self from the faster/better/moremoremore mindset of our culture has been a long slog. Yesterday I read of two artists I know who have achieved well deserved success. My first thoughts were genuinely, ‘how wonderful for them’; my second thoughts were ‘oh fuck I do not do enough, I am such a loser’. I am admitting this to you as much as myself because this is…

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A waking heart

December 28, 2018

  I searched for myself in the judgement of ancestors & echochambers under listening feet / fumbling through the words of others I foraged line-breaks & metaphor / stumbled into punctuation / I have been overactive & inert / push forward & withhold / over the solstice time no ritual spoke to this quiet heart & I retreated into wine bottles & maudlin / gnawing at my bare heels the words: you are not doing enough, you are not enough…

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Self acceptance

December 5, 2018

  Watching the world go by… I haven’t posted many photos of myself on here in the past as maybe I felt that I needed to look thinner, or prettier, or taller, or have better cheekbones, or have more silky hair. But oddly, since turning 40 a couple of years ago I’ve found the confidence to just like what I look like – because that’s what I look like. This body has got me this far in life and she’s…

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December 4, 2018

  Thinking today about how everything we do creates ripples – whether we intend to or not. I read this morning about the rugby rape trial in Ireland and the ripples that has caused, polarising the community across Ireland and beyond. The woman who stood her ground to take them to trial is brave beyond imagining and I genuinely wept to read of her treatment in court and on social media. One of the things that horrified me was the…

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Creative women

August 13, 2018

  Putting together the crøwoman show I’ve felt the need to post photos of rehearsals. I’m admittedly an oversharer but, on reflection, another part of this is proving that I’m doing this by myself. This might sound a bit ridiculous but in the past people have congratulated men on some of the tech aspect of a performance of mine when they literally had only the vaguest thing to do with a project. It is important that artists get the credit…

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