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November 13, 2020

I had a bit of a weird trigger this morning. Usually if I wake early I lie in bed writing a blog or ideas for a poem on my phone as it’s not fun getting up too early in a van when it’s cold, dark and raining outside.
Yesterday I posted a lovely chat with Liset who also spends time creating on the road and I was feeling really happy with the way the OUTSIDER blog is evolving. I also sent out a short email to my mailing list pointing them to the new blog post/interview.
I just want to be clear that I unsubscribe from plenty of email lists – it can get overwhelming otherwise and I highly recommend others do. But when a woman, who I do not know but who has subscribed to my email for TWO years doesn’t just unsubscribe but files an ‘abuse complaint’ with Mailchimp with the comment ‘spammy content’ I’m just floored.
My email is specifically set up to share news about my work as a poet and writer living on the road. That’s it. And that’s exactly what is in the content of those emails. Every time (which is about five times a year. Max.)
I feel so gutted that a woman would take a jab at another woman like this for, as far as I can see, absolutely no reason. What is the point of being so mean spirited?
For the past two years this person has been quite happy to devour my FREE content on here and through my emails, and we don’t connect otherwise so why file an ‘abusive mail’ complaint?
What an act of aggression.
And maybe this is such a tiny thing but honestly it’s upsetting to know there’s women out there who will happily throw jabs out.
Well kind woman, thanks for starting my day with a wobble, I’m so glad you took the time to undermine another woman’s confidence in this way. I hope you now feel bolstered.
Have a lovely day.
Anyway here’s a photo of some very big Swiss mountains to remind me just how small and insignificant some people’s actions are. And a reminder of why I’m fully embracing #hermitlife. #dontletanyonebringyoudown #feminisminaction #womensupportingwomen #womenwhosupportwomen ? @andyrgarside ?

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