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On radical self acceptance

February 24, 2020

I always hated my photo being taken, nevermind a selfie, but radical self-acceptance is proving to be a beautiful gift from me to me that shifts self-defeating thoughts like sanddunes. I’ve spent time in the company of some lovely women this week, we’ve talked writing, cooked food… Laughed. And perhaps these days have made me realise how, the more I accept all the facets of myself, the more I can sit with other women, hear their stories, and celebrate all their dreams too. Once you’ve got the interior mapped, the rest unfolds beautifully almost by itself. And maybe this for me, is the beauty of art, because the novel I’ve been working on for years is about just these things, only I couldn’t get it right until I got myself to this place, and now I understand the joy of it all: the tides that rise and fall within me, the thunderstorms, the rain.

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