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Less food waste

January 18, 2019

Went a bit mad at the farmers market last Saturday in Míres which means we still have produce to eat, but then we found an amazing parkup so haven’t moved in a week. To make sure there’s no food waste I’ve just been cooking tapas style dishes all week, adding new ones to the table as others are finished. To the leftovers from yesterday’s food (see previous post) I added a bowl of herby pan roasted potatoes, broccoli stems in…

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Slow food

January 17, 2019

Taking time to eat slowly is a goal for 2019. I’m a gannet. Always eating my food as if it were about to be stolen 🙈. I can literally inhale an entire meal when some people are still chewing their first mouthful. It makes for embarrassing situations in restaurants. Part of slow living for me is about taking time to make and appreciate food, so I’m finding that making a small ceremony of it helps: setting out a table, appreciating…

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Herbal lift

January 14, 2019

The trip to the Cretian farmers market in Míres at the weekend yielded a wonderful tea discovery. I bought (pictured clockwise from top) mint, mountain flower, dandelion and on the left of the photo is a local blend: Minoan Kings 13 mountain herbs of Crete. Honestly it’s delicious. Sweet, fragrant and layered. That night I drank a few mugs before bed. I couldn’t sleep, I woke at 2am to read for an age and still woke early. The next day…

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Food with friends

January 13, 2019

Yesterday we trawled the farmer’s market in Míres and came back with a haul of veggies, herbs and teas. It’s too easy to slip into the old ways of eating as a vegetarian, which tends to consist of a wheat-based-carb (bread/pasta) with cheese and tomatoes. Working towards increasing the plant-based content of meals again this year. We do pretty well but to prevent lapses I need to be inspired. Last night we parked up with our new friends and shared…

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Moroccan mint tea

December 29, 2018

  Moroccan mint tea is my absolute favourite. Mint for the digestive system, green tea to give a gentle lift. When I met a Moroccan woman a while ago she taught me to make it properly with both fresh and dried mint: in a tea infuser put green tea, dried mint and fresh mint; leave for a few minutes then remove and drink. Utterly delicious. These dried mint leaves (bottom left) are from Andy’s parent’s garden in Wales, and the…

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Sea cliff foraging

December 28, 2018

We will stay on Crete for two months. After some days of folding into myself it is time to explore more, to fold outwards, to map this place across feet & stomach & heart. This morning, foraging along rocky coastlines with a friend I am introduced to sea fennel (I’ve since learned that this is samphire!) and wild thyme. Samphire is a revelation – a burst in the mouth, fresh and slightly sharp like lemon with salt, and a gentle…

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Vegan festive food

December 25, 2018

  Christmas brunch It’s 11am here on Crete. Lazy seaside breakfast of local, pan-roasted chestnuts, figs, dates, tangerines, coffee, and OJ with some Xmas fizz ☺️. Didn’t imagine I’d ever do this for Xmas. When I was 20 my beautiful daughter was born and from then I always cooked the family festive meal. It changed over the years with different family members and friends joining us. I’d cook for between six and twelve people and enjoyed finding local produce: we’re…

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Croatian Christmas markets

December 19, 2018

  Croatian markets filled with seasonal fruits. Oh my! A pomegranate the size of my head, super fresh clementines & lemons, hot chestnuts, the most succulent figs and carob(the long brown pods) which I’ve never eaten like this before – you just bite of a chunk and chew. Tastes slightly chocolatey and a bit like coffee – I’ve used the flour before as a cocoa substitute as it’s rich in protein & vitamins. Anyway – now it definitely feels like…

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Mulled white wine

December 1, 2018

  Cold dark winter nights = warmed drinks. Experimenting with mulled white wine tonight. Basically because I bought a bottle of what I thought was Slovenian prosecco but it’s really sweet. I haven’t added spirits as I don’t want to be sloshed (and I don’t have any!) but so far I’ve added: cardamom pods, allspice berries, a large cinnamon stick, half a lemon, dried rose petals and liquid sugar (you can use honey if not vegan). There is no method…

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One year vanniversary

November 24, 2018

Celebrating our one year vanniversary with fluffy cinnamon pumpkin pancakes for brunch before heading to see an exhibition in Florence. Can’t believe it was one year ago (yesterday) we gave back the keys to our rented house and hit the road full time. It’s been a crazy twelve months filled with so many laughs and tears I don’t even know where to begin. It has made us really see each other and focus on getting to know each other again.…

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