Potato cakes for the win

January 11, 2021

As it’s Veganuary I thought I’d document some more of our meals. A few people have asked if I’m going to make a cook book but honestly they way I cook is so random and intuitive I’m not sure it would make a very interesting book. I think it makes an interesting addition to the blog though so I keep a lot of stuff either in my Instastories or over on the OUTSIDER blog (link in bio – then find the ‘food’ category).

I think if you try cooking a different recipe from a book every night you’ll end up knackered and also with loads of food waste, so I wanted to start showing how we use the food up in our quest for zero food waste (I release I don’t put Andy’s recipes on here but I’ve asked him and he’s happy so in future I’ll include his cooking too).

Anyways! Monday morning bleurgh was brightened by these cold potatoes (left over from Andy’s amazing curry last night) transformed into crispy, dense, yummy potato cakes: mash handful cold potatoes (I left the skins on), add 2tblsp plain flour, 1tsp baking powder, glug olive oil, splash oat milk, salt & pepper. Rest for 20mins, make into patties (in this case two but it depends on how many potatoes you started with). Slap into hot, oiled pan. Don’t move them about at all – they need to get a crispy bottom. After a minute, turn heat down low and put lid on. Leave for a bit (5-8mins), check bottom – if crispy and dark and top is risen and fluffy flip them over, put lid back on and turn heat to medium for 3-4mins.

Serve with fried tomatoes (olive oil, herbs, salt pepper), fried mushrooms, smoked tofu scramble (1/2 pack mashed smoked tofu, salt pepper 1/2 tsp turmeric, 2 tblsp good olive oil – cooked in pan).

Finally – see photo slides – it’s ridiculous that these mushrooms and tomatoes were ‘out of date’ on the packet as there’s nothing wrong with them (so were the potatoes) USE YOUR OWN EYES AND NOSE – you can do it!

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