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Warming autumn brews

November 2, 2020

Our battered old kettle has survived a few tumbles from the kitchen top over the years. The hard lesson learned (and still occasionally forgotten) is to always clear the decks before driving. After one such event the handle had to be welded back on. But I love the stories this kettle could tell, its insistent whistle in the morning and then making a steaming-hot brew. Unfortunately all that remains of our beautiful orange ceramic teapot is this basket which is currently still in use with a fork – any suggestions for where I can get a good enamel teapot would be gratefully received. It has to have a basket for loose leaf or delicious and uplifting hand-blended teas, like this one from the utterly beautiful Jess@admin@woodlandsr.and.waves. Ah! this is the perfect warm & spicy autumn/winter brew: fennel, cardamom, dried orange peel, star anise, and some other ingredients I haven’t yet figured out. Feel like I’ve been sent a beautiful hug from my sister of the woods & waves ?. #dailybrew #kettle #morningritual #dailyalfrescocuppa #slowliving

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