Simple food cooked slow

October 11, 2020

As there were so many requests for the Italian white bean recipe in my Instastories I’m posting it here… this is a classic Italian dish first made for me by a Dutch friend in Switzerland, so simple. What makes it taste amazing is the amount of time you can give it. That’s all really. Slow Living. This is the recipe as I remember it as I didn’t write it down…

Soak white beans overnight.
Next morning drain beans and put in a large pan, covering them about 2cm over with water.
Add whatever herbs and veggies you have to hand to make a stock. In this I had:
2 bay leaves
2 springs thyme
Carrot (chopped into large chunks)
Swede peelings
Onion skins
2 whole garlic cloves (in skins but smashed)
Celery (cut into quarters)

Leave all this chunky so you can fish it out later.

Bring to boil then set to low heat and simmer all morning until the beans are super soft and the liquid is reduced by about 3/4. For extra flavour, I then left this all together in the pan and went out on a hike.

When we got back I scooped out all veggies and herbs, put the pan back on the heat and added shredded Calvero Nero, along with generous amounts of salt and pepper.

Leave to simmer again until the kale is soft and the liquid is now just a thick, silky, creamy sauce. Serve with a drizzle of good olive oil.

Have it as a side dish, a main supper, or turn it into a feast like Andy did by adding 2 fried home-farm eggs (from our grandson’s pet hens) and some toasted sourdough – pic 2. Yes we’re mostly vegan – no hens were harmed in the collection of these eggs. Arthur’s pets live to a ripe-old natural age (pic 3). Also – zero food miles.

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