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Wisdoms from the river and the trees

April 5, 2021

Yesterday we hiked to the source of the Severn River. We stood at the small swampy bog that is the origins of this vast and tumbling body of water that becomes so large the Severn Bridge was constructed so that we might cross. 

A reminder that the humblest beginnings can grow into the most unexpected forces of nature. 

Later I spoke with the trees there, who do not think of humans as friends, and I apologised for the mess we’ve made of everything. They told me that I am loved, that the responsibilities of humanity do not lie on my shoulders. 

Last night, for the first time ever, Andy and I shared the exact same dream. Maybe the trees are growing our connection, making us more aware of each other, and the land, in the many planes of existence woven throughout this world. 

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