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Van maintenance and a deep clean

July 4, 2019

Van maintenance is the only thing on our minds this week. The joy of having a tiny house on wheels is that it takes a lot less time to clean. I have a million better things to do, I’ll clean when I’m dead thank you. I hate most cleaning products because I’m allergic to them, and they make my allergies to everything else worse. I actually feel a deep hatred for these products: I hate the way we’re encouraged to wash millions of gallons of this crap into our water systems, I hate that women are judged on how clean our houses are instead of celebrating the earth under our fingernails & in our wombs, I hate that we don’t even know what harm all of those chemical products mixed together is causing the environment because nobody has to find out. Fuck. I’d like to start finding more natural solutions and I’m definitely stocking up on Ecover products this time around, but living in a tiny space means tiny amounts of everything: a small tin of paint for a refresh, a few meters of fabric for new curtains, a tiny can of danish oil for the woodwork. it doesn’t seem like that long since we were finishing all this the first time around but because this is our only space for everything, and it opens directly out into the world (and we have two large van hounds) our van interior gets worn out in no time. The bench seat covers have shredded and the curtains are sunbleached & sandblasted & faded. I’ve kept the blackout curtain lining and washed it to stitch into new curtains. The fabric from the old curtains will be repurposed to cover some foam blocks that will sit on top of the hidden drop storage boxes at either side of the bed. The stuff in the drop storage boxes that we’ve never used will go to charity (can’t believe we can still downsize) and the extra blankets currently on top of the drop storage will go IN that storage space instead. An Eberspächer heater is going in this week. This is our treat to ourselves. It runs off the diesel tank and will allow us to take our time heading south or to spend more time in colder climates. Ah! What a joy this is! Then we can hit the road to spend the rest of the summer exploring north Wales and visiting our wonderful friends ❤️🌞🌿🚎.

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