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Everything grows in its own time

February 1, 2020

It takes time for anything to grow to maturity, and even then, it’ll keep evolving. In my old fast-paced life I’d often feel that creative ideas needed to come almost fully formed or they’d get squashed by my trampling feet, and the judgement of others, as we all stomped out time. Working on radical acceptance and self-love has meant a total reexamination of all the creative and emotional processes I go through, when writing, or connecting, and I realise how many lovely blossomings I haven’t given the time to appreciate. Today I was stopped in my tracks by this stunning (hawthorn/apple?) blossom. It seems so early for north Wales. I walked on, then returned to take this photo because I was thinking about a creative project and worrying that my ideas aren’t grand enough. Then I looked at this tree and realised everything blossoms in its own time and if you try to prematurely force a grand, heavy crown on a twiglet of a tree trunk the whole thing will collapse. The trees talk to us incessantly if we’re able to listen, and it’s not always about hunting out the grandest, oldest trees because they often connect in ways our brains can’t handle these days, but if we’re able to drop into S L O W T I M E then maybe we begin to tune into that constant communication from the natural world – all of these amazing beings are speaking to us all the time, we just need to slow down long enough to remind ourselves how to listen.

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