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Yuletide wishes

December 19, 2019

Not huge fan of decorations. Even when the kids were young we waited until around the 15th December to get the last tree in the forest. This year’s minimalist affair feels perfectly suited for celebrating Yuletide in the van. With thanks to the pine trees we’re parked next to for donating a small branch to brighten these shorter, darker days, and for the healing dreams. This year it’ll be just the two of us again and honestly, I feel a great sense of happiness about that. For well over two decades I cooked a huge family dinner for anywhere between six and sixteen people. I loved planning and creating every one, but circumstances change and so, instead of trying to force a tradition that has had its time, I’m letting go, embracing new ways of celebrating, and realising that doesn’t detract from the wonderful memories I have of years gone by. I know that some want to be surrounded by people to celebrate at this time of year, while others yearn for silence and solitude – I just hope that whatever you wish, you’re able to manifest it over these coming days. I will be drinking hot chocolate with Baileys, walking with Andy and the hounds on windswept Spanish beaches, eating nutroast; reading and writing. That honestly feels quite perfect for my life just now. Wishing you all Yuletide warmth wherever you are in the world and hoping this decade to come somehow manages to evolve into one of love and compassion, not greed and judgement.

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