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When I stopped hearing advertising and started honouring my body #197

November 4, 2019

Building a daily yoga practice has been a long journey. Some days it’s simply a run and stretches to connect breath to body. My arms aren’t so strong and I need to be able to get my ass up on that surfboard, but both my body and I agree on this so we do the work. Still these days I have no interest in the language of shred, burn or sculpt when opening dialogue with my physical self. I wouldn’t use those words to describe a positive interaction with any other being. 

I listen to my body, ask her: what do we need? Some days it is to build core strength so that we feel centred and balanced. Others it is simply that I’m tired and there’s too much tension in my feet so I walk the hounds barefoot in soft sand for an hour, focussing on stretching my feet, spreading toes and pushing them deep into the sand with each step. 

One day I did a headstand. There were no plans to do a headstand that day. I suddenly realised I could do it, and did. When my ego tries to push this, it doesn’t work so well. My body was just showing me what we’re capable of on good days when we work together, when I honour her; when I stop focussing on goals and work on just listening instead. #selfdirectedevolution #selfhealers #selfcare #mybodyisatemple #mybodyismyhome #listentomybody 

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