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July 18, 2019

It takes time to settle into a tiny home, to eek out the spaces for art, the corners for multi-purpose storage. Everything must add value to our lives in either a practical or aesthetic way; we have learned to otherwise be harsh in our ejecting of stuff from the van. We rarely buy gifts unless absolutely sure it will be of use or bring joy to a person and we ask for no gifts in return (unless we, or they, can eat or drink it 😊). Maybe this sounds ruthless (even cold to some) but the most precious thing any of us have to give each other these days is our time, and that’s a gift we are always grateful of when offered by friends – we don’t need additional stuff, your being there, present with us is enough. Still it feels good to have decided on this compelling piece of shapeshifting art for the van by @scoobtoobins. Today in Oxford I finally found the perfect frame and have immediately installed her. What a beauty! On another note, personalised postcards are going out today for Patreon supporters at Atlantic level or above.

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