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September 24, 2018


It’s Monday morning and a stack of work is calling, but we’re parked in the Swiss Alps, which is still pretty amazing. I have to pinch myself to believe that this is life just now. Andy took this photo recently and it sums up exactly how I feel. But I also wanted to say that sometimes it’s the exact opposite. By making the world accept you on your own terms you have to be so focussed, and also accept that there’s going to be massive blows. A few weeks ago I was sat on a train in Wales and got an email that said some work I’d just presumed was going to happen, wasn’t. It was nobody’s fault – I should have clarified things. I cried all the way at my stupidity. Snot was literally running down my face. It was proper ugly crying 😱🙄. By the time the train pulled into the station I put on my shades and just got on with it. Today I have to do the final edit on a commissioned essay as the deadline is tomorrow. I need to cut 500 words 😐. When I started writing this piece I felt a sudden terror – who the fuck do I think I am writing on this subject? What could I possibly have to say that would be of the slightest interest to this magazine’s readers? I stuck with it, slowly working and reworking, then left it over the weekend to settle. Today I woke with the knowledge of where to tighten the argument and writing to get the word count down, and now feel confident that it‘s a good piece of work. A lot of people see our Vanlife and love it – which is amazing and I have a lot of fun sharing our adventures 💗 but I suppose I just wanted to be clear about how many times you have to push yourself out of the comfort zone to make this life a possibility. And even then it doesn’t all work in your favour. There’s no easy path, or quick fix, there’s just knowing what you want from life and being prepared to put the work in, make the sacrifices, and take the knocks in order to make it happen.

Ps – to the the universe: Over these next few weeks I’m also looking at booking performances and workshops across Europe for spring 2019. I’m also always open to discussing writing commissions: poetry, prose, travel, politics. ✊❤ #vanlife #ontheroad #poetlife

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