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July 11, 2018

We’re trying to minimalise the products we buy and use daily. Lush are, well, simply lush, for soap and shampoo bars that we carry in tins and we love their ‘against animal testing ethos’.

At times trying to make a difference in this crazy world seems a Sisyphean task and we’re left feeling as if there’s nothing we can do to action positive change. When this thinking hits we focus on the small, daily changes we can make in our lives that can make a difference. Cutting down on disposable products is definitely something we can do.

Here’s Andy’s latest Vanlife hack for using minimal water and products for his daily shave – check out his awesome moustache:

I’ve been using a safety razor now for over 4 years. I got increasingly fed up with the poor quality of disposable razors and the horrible amount of plastic waste it was creating. A standard disposable would only be good for two, three shaves at best. Now, a razor blade lasts me 7-10 shaves. Also, my last bar of shaving soap, a rather fantastic one from lasted me 12 months! To add to the eco-friendliness I’ve managed to get my shave down to just one mug of water.

1: boil kettle, put facecloth in mug and pour hot water in.

2: soak brush for a minute while facecloth is warming then lather up brush.

3: wring excesses water from facecloth back into mug and place razor in the hot water.

4: hold facecloth to face for a couple of minutes to soften the stubble.

5: apply soap to face and start shaving.

6: use the water left in the mug to rinse face and clean the brush and razor.

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