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August 31, 2019

What if I were to tell you that there’s probably more than these six sides to you? And that each side splits into more pieces. What if our culture only cares about you getting one side right – pick a colour, get it all neatly lined up, only show the world that one aspect of yourself. Specialise until there’s just one flat plane of knowledge stretching out behind you. What if you start to question this? What if you realise there’s so much more to who you are? What if you become brave enough to jumble up that one perfected side so you can get the others more in line? Maybe that looks crazy to all the one-sided, mono-coloured, two-dimensional people out there. Maybe you realise that doesn’t even matter anymore. Maybe it will take a whole lifetime to get even somewhere near completion & you realise you’ll never be ‘the best’ at anything because you spend too much time on all these seemingly disparate things. Tell me how we can change the measure of each other, of ourselves, so that we value recognising & working on all these aspects, so that we celebrate the Self in all its complex, jumbled glory; our minds expanding & connecting until we are eventually able to align with the greater whole.

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