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Sunday morning conversations

July 21, 2019

Vanlife mornings are calmer now we have improved our communications. It sounds so simple but living in a tiny space has made us realise how much we didn’t always communicate our needs to each other. This morning is a bit drizzly so I needed to do yoga indoors – in the past I’ve thought this would be taking up too much space so wouldn’t bother. When I told Andy this he said how much he loves me doing yoga in the van – he’s happy to sit in the lounge (which is our bed at night). When he wants to shave I sit up here, and in this case photograph him 🙈. I realise our early niggles weren’t about the other person not letting us do what we wanted but that we didn’t even ask them for the space to do what we wanted (both with the small and the big things) which left us feeling cross & unfulfilled. It’s been a learning curve, but we’re growing together, learning more about each other & ourselves, and discovering how much easier life is when we take time to explain ourselves instead of expecting the other to be psychic. Love this guy. He makes my mornings sing ❤️. He’s also perfected a shave using minimal water with his safety razor & shaving soap – link here to the original piece from last year if you’re interested in using less when shaving ✊🏽😊.

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