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Still oscillating

March 18, 2020

@tinygiantlife asked today how people cope with anxiety and stress. When I’m funnelling it into healthy activities I become obsessed with learning a language, surfing, mountain biking, writing, reading and cooking interesting dishes; when it all gets too much I drink wine, overeat sugar/wheat until I feel sick, get stuck in scrolling news cycles, cannot focus on creating, and become horribly self-critical (who do I think I am creating this… Etcétera ad nauseum). This week I’m oscillating wildly between the two and am giving myself permission to do so as we’ve had to throw all plans for the next three months out the widow. And so I return to focusing on one day at a time; I had a naked swim today which felt utterly glorious. It is about finding the rainbows in the storm, and acknowledging that I have the privilege to be able to do so. One of these bright rays is that my life can exist anywhere the van can go. For this I’m eternally grateful. Now pass the biscuits. 📷 @andyrgarside 💙

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