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Slow living / slow learning

July 7, 2019

Part of slow living for me is about learning practical skills such as how to make my own curtains. Not because I will be a champion curtain maker – there’s not a perfectly straight line in sight here 🙈 – but because learning something new makes me slow down. I can’t take short cuts or let the mind wander as I tread a well-worn path. I have to keep focussed and in the moment so I can at least make curtains that will be passable when hanging in the van. In all honesty it’s arduous & frustrating and I keep making mistakes. These curtains will not look as good as if I’d bought them or had them made by a professional, but cutting & sewing them teaches a lot about patience, about the joys of developing a new skill when I need it, and about how important it is to stay grounded through a practice of hands-on learning.

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