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May 27, 2019

Dear friends – firstly I want to thank you for following this evolutionary journey as we work to slow our lives down & decouple from the stresses & expectations of our hyper-fast culture. Last night in Italy, sleeping under fruiting cherry trees, I dreamed of a strong, wide river. Filled with bravery, I swam into the centre & was carried swiftly downstream. I wasn’t drowning, but the fast-flowing river bundled me much farther than anticipated. I wasn’t able to swim for the riverbank so had no choice but to give myself over to her power. Lying on my back I felt the currents’ insistent fingers push & pull me in circles as we travelled at speed through lush green forests overlooked by cloud-swaddled mountains. Eventually I was able to reach the riverbank & walk on solid ground. Holding fear in my hand like a riverstone, I examined its origins & realised that the fear was not of the water but of how far I’d unwittingly come. I felt a swell of panic as I wondered how on earth I would manage to find my way back. I suppose the question I’ve woken with is – do I want or need to find my way back? Maybe the river carried me to exactly the place I need to be & the work now needs to be focussed on developing the skills to explore & map this beautiful, if a little terrifying, new terrain.

Part of this for me is having faith in the writing, in the creative process and the river of inspiration that has carried me here. What this tells me is that, although I am disconnecting from certain elements of capitalism, I still live within this system and as such it is absolutely okay for me to ask for money in return for the writing. I set up a Patreon page last year but didn’t have the confidence to properly promote it for a million various reasons to do with self-worth, but I love this life & want to keep sharing the insights & inspiration found on the road. So I’m going to start putting more of this work as ‘password protected’ on the OUTSIDER blog & you can access it by becoming a Patreon. Please see link here for the Patreon page. I truly hope to see you over there. Sent with much love & respect, Sophie ♥️?

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