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May 28, 2019

We’ve arrived in the French Alps, crossing borders from flat forgettable agricultural landscapes to once again sleeping in the shadows of mountain gods. The quickfire spring burst of creativity is giving herself over to something more mature that needs time to evolve in these longer days & summer sun before sharing. Still, these travels & insights unearthed as we wander across Europe feel as if they need to be published in real-time, in Slow Time. The longer, more thoughtful posts are growing fin & feather in the mind, calling for an evolution of form away from the restraints of Instagram, so from June I’ll post two longer pieces each month (mid and end of the month) that can be accessed by subscribing to Patreon (link here). Thank you to everyone who’s asked when the OUTSIDER book will be written, you’ve encouraged me to embrace this evolving form. If you think of each post as a chapter in the book, then your monthly contribution will be similar to buying a book in installments (but with less trees demolished to do so). Aside from this, I’m also still writing the speculative fiction novel, the new poetry collection, as well as a collaborative project, they all seem to feed into, and support, each other in numerous, inexplicable ways. Anyway – here’s a photo of our van in her new surroundings. A return to tumbling glacial rivers, 30ft high swaying pine trees & kaleidoscopic wildflowers scattered across scrubland like confetti.

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