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last day in Y Gogs

August 27, 2019

First batch of poetry pamphlets ‘The Slow-Time Traveller’ are now stitched, signed & numbered. The hardback envelopes should arrive in the next few days (I forgot to order them ??‍♀️) and then these poems will be winging their way to all you lovely people who ordered the pamphlets (including Patreon subscribers). Huge thanks to everyone who’s ordered or subscribed – it’s what keeps a writer going, and also motivated. Instagram follows & likes are nice but they don’t translate into anything much in the real world. Also thanks to my mum who’s agreed to post orders made to the online shop while we’re on our travels so please still place orders! At least I won’t have to stitch any pamphlets for a few weeks (unless there’s a sudden rush on the shop ? link in bio). I’ve enjoyed eeking out spaces for this desk in the sunshine to work. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I’ve loved making. Creating these pamphlets is a grounding practice that helps me to root thoughts into the poetry. A reminder that the art is everything. Thanks as always to the talented Andy Garside for the stunning design and for helping with making them all look beautifully neat ?. Today we head to Cardiff for a few days then begin making our way towards France. We won’t be back in Cymru until the spring. Ah! It’s been so lovely being home & catching up, I’ll miss everyone loads – but the road calls, there are new words & worlds to be discovered, how can I refuse?

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