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Keep your eyes on the goal

October 9, 2018


When we first sold everything to move into a van almost a year ago, we dreamed of working in, and exploring Europe. It was an exhilarating and terrifying decision because (unless you’re rich, which we’re not) there’s never an easy way to do it. You have to just go for it – death or glory style ?. And I think this lack of safety net is what stops a lot of working people from trying to live their dreams – the risk is just too big. And maybe it is. But maybe if you work at it and never take your eyes off the goal, and are prepared to live on potatoes for a week when you’re skint, and not have new clothes and mostly give up luxuries like wine, and not expect every day to look like this (which it doesn’t) then maybe some days will look like this. I was talking to my sister recently who travelled extensively when she was younger but she’s married, buying a house, thinking about babies. We’ve totally switched roles. I would have hated extensive travel 10years ago – it would have killed my newly-forming roots; I would have struggled with the newness of it all everyday. But now, in middle age, with decades until retirement, it’s time to push at the boundaries of what this life is, of what I should expect. We’re learning to have more faith in this evolutionary process, and each other. We can’t plan for every eventuality or failure, but we can believe that we have the skills to overcome them so that we can continue to live our dreams. #officeview from Lake Garda, Italy.

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