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It is a filthy day

January 26, 2021

Hiked about 7-8k in the sludge. It is a filthy day. All the melting snow leaking out across the muddy landscape.
We have a specific system for getting the hounds back into the van after a muddy walk: first, hose down feet and bellies outside using a small hand-pump garden pressure wash that also doubles as our outdoor shower in warmer weather; second, a two towel system in the van to get them as dry as possible, one for feet, one for bodies; third, a very old blanket (not shown here) on the bed while drying off some more; fourth, another less-old-but-still-really-old-double-sided-quilted—blanket-from-IKEA (shown here in beige – the other side is brown and has holes I have yet to darn); fifth an accidentally-slightly-felted-wool-blanket to warm them up (see photo).
Hounds were starving the second we returned to the van today so now they’re walked and fed before 4pm – I’m wondering if they’ll still sleep all evening?

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