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I stopped listening to advertising and started listening to my body #694

October 31, 2019

My hair is in the best condition lately. It’s been two years getting to this point so I’ll share something with you – I used to wash my curly hair every day with an endless stream of products in an attempt to either tame the curls, or give the curls more bounce, or straighten the curls, or de-frizz the curls, or define the curls, or just make the hair presentable for a workday blah blah blah; and then of course there were hairdressers and highlights. My monthly hair care bill was astronomical and to be honest I was never that happy with it. My nana who is 100 swears by washing her hair only once a week. Whose gonna argue with her? There’s no artificial colour in this hair now, the grey shows in the roots. I wash it with a Lush shampoo bar & hot water once a month (although I’m currently on 6weeks), otherwise it’s regular seasalt water and cold beach showers. I’ve also been cutting my own hair, and I’ve stopped brushing it. Do I love it now? Yes. It’s different. Feels thicker and less ‘chemical greasy’ – although that always happens when I stop drinking. I’ve replaced endless expensive oils & nourishing bullshit stuff with natural oils. At first my hair went greasy after three days, but as the months roll by I’ve let it slide a bit longer between shampoos. It’s been a slow transition. Some people will be horrified by this. Honestly, the more I change to a minimalist lifestyle the more horrified I am at the endless products I washed down the drain over my lifetime. I don’t work down a coal mine or in a fish factory so sea salt or river water is all the cleaning needed for the most part. And it’s free. Nature is amazing. My body is a fucking glorious organism. I just wish I’d spent more of my early years listening to her instead of drowning her voice out beneath a river of chemicals sold to me as some sort of holy grail of ‘self care’. #curlyhair #vanlife #vanlifeeurope #selfcare #buylesslivem

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