Folie á deux

December 8, 2017

The decision to sell or gift everything we own that couldn’t fit into our Mercedes Sprinter LWB hi-top was both exhilarating & terrifying. As we leapt from the cliff face of our normal lives the months spiralled past in a dreamlike fashion. Our vision was to let go of the all the objects & toxic behaviour patterns that held us back while re-attaching ourselves to, or rediscovering, the things that sing to our hearts including friends, our creative spirits, family & the natural world. We knew it wouldn’t be easy, especially as we were squatting comfortably in ‘middle-age territory’, but our children moved out a few years ago to dream lives of their own leaving us to softly shuffle through the dust we exfoliate around the house.

giving back the house key

Adventure & comfort don’t make easy bedfellows; you have to sacrifice a bit of one to get more of the other, & the more you let go of one, the more the other lurches (or sashays) into the frame. In some ways it feels as if all our lives together have been working towards this point – this hasn’t been a long-term plan but we can only do this because we’ve spent the last decade working freelance, building up our self-employed careers so that we can take them on the road with us.

On Thursday 23rd November 2017 we handed back the keys to our rented house & drove out of Wrexham. Shedding that old shell like hermit crabs we folded into a new life on the road with our dogs.

We will follow the wind & the work for a few years & see where this new life might takes us.

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