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Where the wild lives

April 23, 2021

This poem was gifted to me by the land at San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, northern Spain, over a magical hunters full moon weekend back in October 2019. We parked on the cliff tops then walked and dreamed. A truly magical place in time.

This is also the opening poem to the new novel The Madness of Sara Mansfield as I felt directed by the land to stitch as much of her into the book as posible. 

The Madness of Sara Mansfield is available from my website from May 1st 2021. 

where the wild lives

As the final ocean wave crashes

into your soft sunset form 

tumbling disintegrated bones 

out across unknowable shallows

the epic battles that harried you to this crisis point 

are rendered insignificant. 

A grey heron lifts her head 

the sea kale holds sermon on vertiginous 

shards of wind-battered rock

a pod of dolphins declaims poetry 

to the spray. 

If I told you that you 

are always at the crux of this 

always needed here

always loved 

would you recognise this vast

immeasurable beauty

as the wild centre

of your heart? 

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