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When the mountain reveals herself

November 16, 2018


Been awake for ages. Lying here in Italy but still on India-time. Trying to process these past few weeks but can’t seem to pull it all together in my head. Feels like the threads of creation I was hanging onto have begun to unravel out of my fingers and I’m not sure how to pull them back together anymore. This past year’s focus has been to slow it all down; to not chase things not meant for me; to have the courage to work on things that are genuine to me; to push myself to create from the heart; to know my own heart; to consciously carve out the space to dream not just art but a life. There is an art to that. It’s not a process that can be taught, instead she forms slowly through the experiences of success and failure as the head and heart navigate through life. Waking in Mangan last week, the Kanchendzonga mountain revealed herself. A rare and beautiful occasion. I wanted to read something into it. To create some meaning where there was none. Perhaps that’s all life and art are anyway. Perhaps we just keep trying to explain the inexplicable as a way to reassure ourselves that what we create, and who we are, is enough to gift to the mountain when she thunders into our lives. #mountain #mountaingoddess #mountainspirit #exploretocreate #wanderer #traveller #wanderlust #india #sikkim #india_gram #wildwoman #wildheart #exploremore #followmyheart #amcreating #amwriting #bluesky #travelphotography #whitemountains #earthspirit

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