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August 19, 2019

A few years ago we were all sat trying to work out what the connection was between certain family members and what their titles would be: great aunt / second cousin / something else twice removed. Isaak (pictures here) thought quietly for a while then piped in, ‘it’s all just family isn’t it.’ Yes. That’s exactly what it is. ❤️ We’re all family ❤️. Rounded off Andy’s extended birthday weekend yesterday (he’s getting worse than the queen) catching up with his son (my stepson, son, friend, family) and celebrating Isaak’s new job in the city.  It wasn’t an easy ride for Isaak after finishing Uni (LIPA) not everyone walks straight into their dream job, but he’s stuck with it, kept working hard, applying for the jobs he’s qualified for. I’m so proud of him, of his determination, and his ability to stay the course. We had such a laugh and I feel deeply honoured to be able to call this talented young man, family. Pictured here with Bonnie eyeing up his Brewdog ??. We slept in the noisy part of town last night in the van. Never again. Although the car park was only £14 all-day & overnight and we do love Liverpool – glorious city! ✊?

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