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Van heating – a gamechanger

July 10, 2019

The heater was fitted this week by Andy – another skill to add our expanding repertoire of ‘things we’ve had to learn on the road’. The elation felt with each accomplishment is indescribable – it’s all about the small victories. So far the weather has dictated much of our travels – we would have stayed longer in Croatia Nov/Dec 2018 but it was becoming unbearably cold in the van so we hot-footed it down to Crete where we stayed for nearly four months until the temperature began to rise. As much as I’ve enjoyed letting go control & allowing the natural weather systems to dictate our movements it will be utterly magical to have heat in the van. Anyway here’s a throwback to March 2018 when we woke in Brecon, south Wales and had to dig ourselves out from under a mountain of snow. Back then we drove the van, even in these conditions, so we could get the engine (and ourselves) warm. This photo might look romantic but not being able to type because of frozen fingers and a violently shivering body made working impossible. But now! I will be able to sit in the van on a cold, damp day and write the novel while Andy is working away too. The hounds will also thank us for this, although they’ll probably still nest in the duvet on cold days. … On another note, I now have a fully functioning, reconditioned iPhone 6s. This is not an ad but the service from Amazon has been amazing – I’d highly recommended them. The first phone they sent was faulty but I returned it FOC and got a different one two working days later which is like new. It only cost £128 too. Definitely better than shelling out hundreds on a new phone, and better for the environment. I have a sim-only account with EE which has a big data package for working from 4G on the road (also has no data roaming charges) this is not an ad but people are always asking how we manage to work on the road without WiFi. EE have the best European coverage as far as we can ascertain. Anyway! Van renovations are near completion – just the MOT & service to sort. Living in a house is starting to drive us a bit stir-crazy. Definitely ready to give up this comfort for some more van adventures.

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