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Tiny living

March 14, 2019

We spent months agonizing over the layout of the van. We wanted it to feel spacious and be a place we could sit and work in as well as relax in the evenings. Because it is our only home it had to be somewhere we could comfortably fold into for a few days if the weather was bad. Also we have two large vanhounds so couldn’t have a small galley because there wouldn’t be enough room for them (yes we planned the layout around them ?). When we had the VW T5 we experimented with a fold away bed but to be honest it was a pain and we soon realised that we wanted a permanent bed for ease and comfort. Andy also planned some hidden drop storage on either side of the bed so we wouldn’t have overhead cupboards cluttering the space. This means we have this lovely lounge area for chilling, watching films, working, napping, and my personal favorite – listening to podcasts on the headphones while knitting. It’s made us understand that it’s not about having a large space but about having spaces that can be multi-use. Tiny living and embracing minimalism have opened my world because I’ve always struggled with the tyranny of housework and felt overwhelmed by large houses and the demands they place on time and energy. From an environmental perspective we cannot fill this space with endless stuff, and the energy footprint is pretty minimal as all the electrics run off our two solar roof panels. Most importantly what this means to us is that we don’t live in a van, we live out of a van.

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