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October 31, 2020

Why do I travel? Why not stay in one place and get to know every tiny bone & joint, every breath & sigh? Although for the first forty years of my life I remained pretty stationary, I’m coming to ask why the two (migration or settling) are considered mutually exclusive?
Our culture loves polar opposites, loves making people choose one, or shoving someone into a box so we can better (but really just more easily) understand them. What about if sometimes people need to travel, and at others, settle. Why don’t we celebrate movement & stillness, wing & root, having faith in each individual that we are, as a friend said to me recently ‘the authority on our own lives’. Almost three years ago I unwound roots from the earth, grew fin & feather, shapeshifted into a migratory way of being, and I feel that there’s still so much to learn, about the earth, about myself, about life. Neither way is better or worse, they’re just different expressions, multiple pathways back to the land, a return to the truth of ourselves. Photo taken by @andyrgarside May 2019 French Alps. #homeiswhereyouparkit #traveller #exploretocreate #vanlife

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