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The sun always rises

November 22, 2018

Woke to this glorious sunrise. Still processing everything that’s happened over the past few weeks – still in awe at our amazing friends and family who’ve shown such staunch support. Our son has come to visit for a few days so we’ve booked into a place near Florence to take time out. Living your dreams is never easy – no matter what Instagram shows. But I do love the inspirational side of Instagram: we saw people living a more nomadic, minimalist lifestyle and it gave us a dream that perhaps we might do that too. What appeared impossible was transformed into potential by the people who had succeeded (and failed) before us. What is success anyway? How does anybody measure it? When I was 27 and working in media sales I earned £40k that year and owned my own home. This year (at 42) I’ll be lucky to have earned £10k and I live in a van. But I know which one feels the most successful to me. The anxiety that used to pummel in waves against my resolve rarely makes an appearance these days and when she does she shifts to just a slight rise in the tide before flowing away again. I officially (especially after the van break-in) have the least amount of stuff I’ve ever owned in my life, but my happiness is no longer dependant on the things I own, instead it’s rooted in what I create, and being the best writer I can be; it’s also rooted in all the people I love, and being the best person I can be. I never dreamed I’d be here, watching the sun rise over the Tuscany hills, mapping out future writing plans. #poetlife #vanlife #amwriting #amcreating #onelife #selfcare #wildheart #ontheroad #explore #stayawhile #discovertheroad #earthfocus #liveoutdoors #travellers #minimalistliving #wearewild #slowlife #slowliving #liveauthentic #minimalism #borntoroam #minimalist #wanderlust #exploretocreate #digitalnomads #homeiswhereyouparkit #nomadiclifestyle #livingsmall #sunrise #tuscany

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