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Soaring with eagles

October 5, 2019

I am running out of new ways in which to gush about a glorious yellow sun in a deep blue sky. For two days we’ve watched twenty-or-so Spanish Imperial Eagles circle thoughtfully in the skies above Sierra de Guara. Their precise movements are dictated only by the slightest press of a wing ‘finger’ or two into the sky, pulling the body into a tighter arc, then release to swing wider. It is hypnotic, watching these guardians of the air, their white heads flashing like arrows. On the first day a dozen drifted over-and-above us. In half an hour I didn’t note one flap of a wing as they surveyed the terrain with a distinct oneness, then, just before sunset, manoeuvred to nest in the great dust-pink rockfaces behind our van. I could not use the word arrogance, that feels too human, too incomplete, too ridiculous. Instead their assuredness of this place, of the great open sky, and their place in it remains unchallenged, indisputable, and I hope to learn something from this encounter: to know the truth of myself in this way, then to move through the world with that level of knowing, with that trust in it all. Photo of eagle by @andyrgarside 🦅

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