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Slowing it all right down

May 11, 2019

Perhaps this sounds counterintuitive, but we drive a lot less now we live in a van. Our goal is to eek out each tank of diesel to last a month if we can as it’s better for our mental health, our budget, and the environment. Sometimes we stay in one small area for weeks, travelling only around 5-10km at a time. When there’s nowhere to be, why should we rush? Slow travelling is such a beautiful way to see the world. It will horrify some explorers to know that we’ve given up having a checklist of all the places we should visit and activities we should undertake. Instead we let the landscape speak – follow whimsical thoughts & urges to see & do things that drop into our minds like riverstones. Yes, we miss events, but you can’t hear the land, or yourself, through the slivers of gaps in a tightly packed schedule. Instead, we have longer to sit with each new experience, and create from it, so that a true evolution can begin to take place in our hearts. We follow intuition, listen to our bodies; no pushing, no itinerary, no stress; just an open dialogue between ourselves & our surroundings. 📷 @andyrgarside 💙🌿

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