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Returning to the mountains is returning home

September 25, 2019

You wake in the French Pyrenees at 1400m above sea level. post-yoga, you lie in corpse pose and experience the image of yourself as a receptacle for an endless flow of rubbish. Your heart tightens at this image of a rubbish dump. You shudder, whisper ‘I love you,’ and as you do the image transforms into an Atlantic wave: clean, powerful, abundant. You rise with the heart of a mountain; ribcage ringing with the echoes of your future self, you snake south across the border into Andorra. You do not know the height at the point you take this photo but the air is icebox-cold in blinding sunlight. The unfiltered sky is a deep ocean blue washing across sun-scorched scrubby grasses. It tumbles into every crease of your heart, untethering the mind from its moorings of expectation. 

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