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June 17, 2019

Travelling across Europe I am coming to realise how many more cultures exist in the liminal spaces between living people & history books; how many more words & stories grow like weeds in the manicured lawn of western cultural hegemony. I need to learn languages again. I don’t have any except English and Cymraeg (and my Welsh unravels a little more every day I don’t use it); although I can get by in French. I woke thinking of this older poem of mine and the line: I am not the woman I was / terra nullius.

The land has always belonged to herself. We have only ever been caretakers. On dark days I cannot envisage how we will ever return to that.

Anyway – I learned this lovely word play in Cymraeg so I’m going to share it:

plygu = to fold

mewnblyg = introvert (to fold in)

allblyg = extrovert (to fold out)


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