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Overnight trains

November 4, 2018


The overnight trains in India are a revelation. I loved them last time I was here and this time was no different. It makes sense in a country this big, when you think about it, to be able to cover 500+ miles overnight. Its a lot slower than flying but it’s cheaper and I’ve never had any problems. I haven’t travelled alone on the overnight trains, the first time was a group of six writers from Wales, and this time it was just Moushumi and I. All of the people in our ‘carriage’ were friendly and chatty, some were travel agents and such like. I’d definitely recommend booking your own bed so you can get some sleep on the way. This spot next to a window was perfect because the nighttime air flowed right past my face as I read, wrote poems & slept. #travel #india #overnighttrain #bengal #wanderlust #explorer #friends #discovertheroad #nomadiclife #slowlife #slowliving #exploretocreate #poetlife #creative #creativewales

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