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On saltwater silhouettes & sunsets

October 14, 2019

On saltwater silhouettes & sunsets: you spend the morning surfing, although you haven’t yet mastered the standing up part; in the afternoon, hiding in the van from 28°C heat with all doors flung open, you write beneath a pile of snoozing, damp hounds. In the evening you hike down the cliffs to watch the silhouettes of surfers & paragliders in the saltwater sunset. Around you people carry on with their day: children shimmer in white-frothed waves, the thud thud as couples play bat & ball echoes out across the darkened sand, your dogs chase sticks; everything is rolling by autonomously, as if you could step out of this moment and photograph it, as if you could almost feel time grinding to a halt, as if you might step inside an infinite moment of time and embody every last atom within it. 

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