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Moving on

March 26, 2019

6.30pm and it’s still light – the sun is only just setting. I’m folded into a stack of reading research in the ‘lounge’. Andy’s in the the ‘office’ working away. Hounds are snoozing. We booked our ferry off Crete today. 11th April will be our last day here. Winter is well and truly over and the mainland calls. We found so much that was unexpected while overwintering on this beautiful Greek island. The most startling was the need to stay still, to just sit with ourselves for as long as it took to process all the events that led us to be parked on a beach in the south of Crete for three months to endure the worst storms this island has seen in decades. It felt fitting. We needed time to heal new wounds and old; to rediscover ourselves, and each other; to shed another skin and let the new skin wiggle in sand and sun; to break the final chains of forced thinking that ensnares the mind when part of a faster/more/better/competitive culture. We have made new friends, sat in ancient ruins and watched bright Cretian flowers transform the landscape around us daily. It has been a truly life-changing experience; one that we will always look back on with great fondness. We will return one future winter I’m sure.

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