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Minimalism isn’t purgatory

November 7, 2019

The weather is fierce here today; black clouds and thick sea fog are taking it in turns to obscure the wild ocean view. Earlier we were battered by hailstones; the van occasionally rocks as if being pushed by a mob outside; the hounds only got a short run on the beach before we were harried indoors – they beat me to the van door to get in. After two winters with no heating, fitting the diesel heater this summer was a gamechanger – it makes this space so warm and cozy whatever the weather outside. We don’t have to wear every item of clothing on a cold day anymore. Minimalist living isn’t about existing like a monk, it’s about discovering and appreciating the things that really make life better, and getting rid of everything else. As I write this, giant thunderstorms are rattling overhead with such low bass notes it can be felt in the gut. I love being this close to nature, but also being able to fold into this tiny, warm & cozy space, with my favourite beings. I also love that we are mobile – let the journey south to Portugal commence! ??

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