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Family Vs Vanlife

August 26, 2018


We get asked about our family and how we cope with missing them on the road. Since moving into the van we’ve felt a significant shift in our connection with family because the van makes us aware of what is important, and also allows us to follow that, so when we’re in Wales we create a lot of quality family time. We’re not the grandparents who live two doors down and babysit every Friday night, but then our daughter and her partner don’t need that from us. We are the grandparents who will get baby Arthur (pictured) his first wetsuit, bodyboard and balance bike, and who will take him for weekends (and weeks as he get older) by the ocean. Or we will return to fill his head with tall tales from places overseas and fill his mind with wanderlust. There is no choice to make between family or Vanlife – we build strong connections and work hard to maintain them, no matter how far we travel. I’m having this as a #dailyconnectionwithnature (day95) because all of these connections are a part of nature’s splendid web ❤🌎 photo by @andyrgarside

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