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Embracing JOMO

November 21, 2019

Living with less isn’t less fun (or at least it’s not meant to be). It’s more of a return to embracing the contradictions of a slower life. We don’t go out every weekend like we used to, and don’t really drink these days, but still I love the occasional mojito-fuelled blast around old European towns. We travel slowly to see the world, driving our home-on-wheels in giant arching European loops but can no longer afford long-haul flights; do we want to given the environmental climate? I take on less work – which in itself is terrifying when it plays such a huge part in defining who we are – and in the process find the words for the novel I’ve wanted to write my whole life. I love my family and believe in community, but now also embrace and champion the need for long periods of relative solitude. I also realise that community comes in many guises and it’s ok to want to choose your own more carefully. Often others want things from us without questioning why, and if we’re not careful, we can spend our entire lives lost in catering to these infinite demands. Living with less in a world of seeming abundance means finally and wholeheartedly embracing the Joy of Missing Out, knowing I’m exactly where I want to be – the rest will figure itself out.

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