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October 29, 2020

I had a crisis of confidence on here a while ago… a lot of it was to do with how I’m perceived and the way we live. I was worried that posting about travel during a pandemic might annoy some people, I was worried I post too much for other people, I was worried that I might be misunderstood. Since being back in Wales, still in the van, and in a lockdown I’ve asked myself – what is it that I want? And honestly? I enjoy posting on here – perhaps I’m doing it more than usual as we’re stationary, but why worry about it? It makes me happy – I use it as a creative outlet for my words and photos. I’m really enjoying the interactions with all the lovely people I meet on here and witnessing how their creativity manifests.
I don’t mind in the slightest if people mute or unfollow me – I don’t take either of these things personally as it’s something I do when I get overwhelmed. I also don’t follow any accounts that make me feel like shit, and you don’t have to either. I have some lovely friends I don’t follow on here because their accounts are mostly inactive and so we connect in other ways … each person is different. I suppose what I’m saying is that part of being my authentic self, is well, being my authentic self, not trimming it to fit an imagined idea of what someone else might want me to be. The people who that suits on here will stick around, but also if I’m not for you, then please bow out. Sent with much love, Sophie ? #vanlife #liveauthentic #livebravely #liveyourlife #traveller

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