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July 12, 2019

My herstory is tattooed into skin. The meanings change as I change; as I write & rewrite the narrative of this life; as time spills out from my womb, from my mouth. As I swim this ocean of moments – skin wrinkles; as I walk this land – hair silvers. Some of these symbols are prophecies, some are herstories. It is all the same. There is only this moment, I live in the now. Fire was tattooed around my belly years before the firedragon made herself manifest in my mind torching everything I believed about the world, about myself. Three swallows were to symbolise how far I had come metaphorically – and yet, years later, they now mean how far I have travelled geographically. Did I know this at the time? I can no longer say. Now they are joined by Atlas, a woman with her heart shape-shifting like clouds, with travel tattooed into her skin; a woman who dreams of exploring the four corners of the world by following the cycles of the moon; anchored by the radical self-love discovered within herself on each new journey out into the world, she sets sail for the horizon, each new day is hers to immerse in & reveal.

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