Rebel Sun


Sophie McKeand’s first full-length poetry collection speaks of socialism and starlings, and sings the praise of the Rebel Sun who recreates the world every day so that at any time we can cast off the past and do the same. These poems dream of the fluidity and politics, of time and place, map mountain and mind. They talk of knitting together people and communities. But after this comes the slow unravelling – the compulsion to let go, transform and shape-shift; slowly unwind roots from the earth; grow fin and feather; know water and sky.

Michael Sheen performed a poem Sophie McKeand had written for the 50th Anniversary of the Aberfan Disaster at Wales Millennium Centre in 2016. Read more on this here.

Sophie McKeand’s Rebel Sun is no dying star, but a fiery tour de force, full of surreal and ingenious imagery. […] a passionate and heartfelt book, a collection of modern agitprop poetry in which Marxism and landscape rub easy shoulders, and the Rebel Sun acts as an agitator, its manifesto calling for a reconnection with the natural world […] Accomplished and vibrant, this is a collection to cherish. 
Kathy Miles, Planet Magazine 

Hard back full poetry collection with dust jacket and ribbon book mark, signed. Designed and typeset by Andy Garside.

You can also buy Rebel Sun from its publishers, Parthian Books,with free postage so if you just want that then please click here. I do have some copies of Rebel Sun left though so if you’d like it as part of a package then I’d be happy to include it in orders here. 

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