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Water scarcity

July 29, 2018


Every six or seven days we have to find water, which makes us hyper aware of consumption. There’s no leaving the tap on whilst brushing teeth or using three huge bowls of water to do the washing up; the dishes get done once at the end of each day. Finding water is more difficult in England and Wales; Europe (and Scotland) seem to have a more welcoming approach to people travelling through. We have three 25litre tanks so 75L lasts nearly a week for two adults & two dogs. Having to put effort into finding a source each week gives us a greater respect for water. It’s a crazy thing as water is everywhere, it falls free from the sky, 75% of our bodies are water, we cannot live without it, and yet it’s becoming more scarce. Some people are already arguing that it will be the next ‘commodity’ to be bought and sold. The United Nations recognise that all humans have the right to clean water, which seems like such an obvious thing. And this from Wikipedia: “According to The Independent, the English WSCs [water & sewerage companies] are now mostly owned “by private equity firms with controversial tax avoidance strategies.” Public opinion polling carried out in 2017 indicated that 83% of the British public favoured renationalisation of water services. In the same year, research by the University of Greenwich suggested that consumers in England were paying £2.3 billion more for their water and sewerage bills per annum than they would if the water companies had remained in state ownership.” No wonder people are less inclined to share water when they’re being massively ripped off.

Dailyconnectionwithnature day 68.

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  • Reply Ma July 29, 2018 at 3:55 pm

    Hosepipe ban next week for NW England owned by United utilities who are reknown for…blah blah blah. Welsh water being sold across the border! Blah blah blah… I really never though I’d see days like these. All that advantage and social strata has been sold off.
    I only wash up once a day because there’s no need for more. I flush on the ‘if it’s yellow let it mellow…’ principle and try hard to be aware of my usage. How many of these ‘wealthy and powerful’ do you think take the slightest notice?

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