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Tattooing nature into my skin

August 18, 2018


All of my tattoos hold symbolic meaning. The older tattoo on this arm was inked in about 2010/11. It’s a quote from PB Shelley: poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world. The cherry blossom is symbolic of the beauty and transience of life. It was the first tattoo on my arms and I waited so long (I was 35ish), because this was my symbol of freedom. I’d been freelancing for a few years and had got to the point where I knew I’d never go back to working in an office again; I’d never have to go for a job interview pretending to fit someone else’s idea of the specific cog I should be in their machine. I will always just be myself. Since then I’ve begun covering both arms in images of nature, or of women in various states of shapeshifting as that is how I view life. it’s an underlying theme in the poetry. I am not a static being but part of nature and as such am continually evolving and growing. In the past few years I’ve begun to have the courage to follow nature when she calls, so this rose symbolises my love for nature – and that I’m constantly in awe of her beauty. Thanks to @becky_corfield for her gorgeous inking and @andyrgarside for the photo. #dailyconnectionwithnature day89

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